WHAG Announces Artist for the 2024 ‘If Walls Could Talk’ Programme

William Humphreys Art Gallery, Permanent Collection

WHAG Announces Artist for the 2024 ‘If Walls Could Talk’ Programme

Published On: March 11, 2024

The William Humphreys Art Gallery (WHAG) proudly announces Ras Silas Motse as the recipient artist for the 2024 If Walls Could Talk Programme. Renowned for his work in mixed media and mural art, Ras Silas brings a unique perspective to this year’s programme which celebrates the 30th anniversary of South Africa’s democracy.

Silas Motse, affectionately known as “Ras”, hails from Thaba Nchu where his journey as a young cartoonist began. His artistic calling developed in the streets of Motlatla in the Free State. After completing high school, Ras pursued formal education as a fine artist, eventually transitioning into a high school educator before dedicating himself to a full-time career as a well-rounded arts practitioner.

As a visual artist, his work is an exploration of expressions unbound. He seeks to break free from the constraints of traditional art forms and push the boundaries of creative expression. He is fascinated by the complex interplay of light and shadow, colour and texture, form and space. Through his art, he strives to capture the essence of these elements and create a visual language that speaks to the soul.

In recognition of his artistic excellence, Ras Silas has received several accolades, including the Where Art and Science Meet Pan African Award: SANTHE 2020. Additionally, he was the State of the ART Gallery People’s Choice Award Winner in 2019. He has participated in various group exhibitions and completed numerous mural commissions.

If Walls Could Talk, an initiative by WHAG, aims to take art beyond the gallery walls. WHAG is thrilled about this collaboration and believes it will serve as a testament to the power of expression.

For more information on Ras Sila’s work please visit his website at

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