Queen Modjadji's Shrine, Dumisani Mabaso, 2013

William Humphreys Art Gallery

Cultural Projects

WHAG’s strategic plan focuses on strengthening the existing programmes that are aimed at the empowerment, education, and giving access to women, children, and individuals with disabilities to experience the arts.

The program information below showcase WHAG’s contribution to fulfilling its institutional mandate:


To further develop the cultural offer, WHAG runs WHAGFilm. It is now universally accepted that film is an important visual ...
medium because of its connection with literature, and theatre, in particular. It is also an extremely important medium for the establishment of a South African national identity.

This capability opens significant possibilities for the promotion of South African and African films and has given rise to a regular film programme that includes screenings of local and/or international films, as well as English literature 'set work' films for school groups on request. School holiday screenings are also presented for youths generally from places of safety, to alleviate boredom and truancy.

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MTN / WHAG Outreach Program

Due to the vast size of the Northern Cape province, WHAG started the outreach project in 2003 of taking the ...
to the people. Communities from rural areas and small towns seldom get a chance to visit bigger cities, let alone art galleries. WHAG has been instrumental in taking art to marginalised communities throughout the Northern Cape. The project provides much-needed access to art for school-going learners, by showcasing visual arts, and engaging the learners in art workshops.

The museum staff takes an exhibition of original South African graphics from the WHAG permanent collection and MTN Collection to schools in deprived rural areas of the Northern Cape once a school quarter. The exhibition is arranged around a theme from the school arts and culture curriculum and worksheets are devised for learners to actively participate in the exhibition.

Through innovative partnership brokering with private sector, the MTN Foundation / WHAG Outreach Program addresses the resource gap, knowledge divide and geographic sparseness of the province that isolates and excludes primary and intermediary phase learners from participating in cultural heritage. It does this through situating Arts and Culture teaching activities and resources for both learners and educators at their respective school districts on a rotational basis. These activities are aligned with the syllabus, speaking to WHAG’s commitment to excellence and practicable access for all.

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WHAG runs an early childhood development program (Keadumela Project) for underserved minors on the premises, augmenting the ECD growth and ...
mandate for the province as defined by the Department of Social Development. The project aims to equip them for a successful school career by stimulating their skills development through art and craft related activities and educational worksheets.

This project has been running very successfully since 2000 and will continue for as long as the need exists. This project attempts to lessen the disadvantage these children from poorer communities suffer in comparison to the children from affluent suburbs and also attempts to guide the caregivers at the day care centres on how to involve the children in constructive educational activities. In some instances, the Community Projects Leader actually helps the caregivers to plan the week’s activities for the children until the following week’s visit to the gallery. This project also ingrains the notion of a museum as a fun place to visit from a very early age and in this way contributes to museum audience development.

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The Yonder Centre for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities has been an important local community partnership that WHAG has developed over ...
years. The programme is aimed at providing a creative outlet for individual with varied intellectual challenge by engaging in the art programme.

Adults with a variety of cognitive disabilities from Yonder, a Kimberley institution that cares for these special people, have been attending art and craft workshops on a weekly basis for a number of years. They do not have the opportunity of participating in any art making or creative activities and so they thoroughly enjoy what is offered to them at the gallery. From time to time, they are treated to a film screening which is also greatly appreciated.

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WHAG Prison Project

The WHAG Prison Project invests in the upliftment of women who have entered correctional facilities, through skills transfer in arts ...
crafts, equipping them with marketable income-generating skills. WHAG’s Prison Project, provides marketable arts and craft skills to female offenders within the Kimberley prison system who then use these newly acquired skills to create sellable products that can financially support their families upon release from the correctional centre.
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