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William Humphreys Art Gallery

The William Humphreys Art Museum and Gallery has fifteen carefully curated venues that encapsulate a variety of artforms. WHAG treasures some of the largest collections of contemporary art forms in South Africa. The spacious exhibition areas will invite you to linger and reflect on the artworks on display, and the experience will be a soothing balm for your soul.

Stepping into WHAG reception area, visitors are greeted by Khoi and San rock paintings, some of the oldest surviving artworks from the Northern Cape. Flanking the foyer to the left are 17th Century Dutch and Flemish old master relics. To your right, equally revered pre-modern British and Flemish masterworks await you, all throughout dotted with marble casts of iconic Greco-Roman sculptures and fine furniture. These works are known as the Founders Collection and they are on permanent display to visitors, many who keep on returning to marvel at these curiosities from a different time and place.

Seeking a Venue?

The William Humphreys Art Gallery is the ideal venue for conferences, seminars, meetings and intimate concerts and has a variety of venues to choose from. We can offer the following on request: Chairs, Tables (with tablecloths), Data Projector (excluding computer), White boards, Overhead Projector, Sound equipment, Flip charts with pens and water.


Venue tariffs:

Rental Service
Morning session
8am - 1pm
Afternoon Session
1pm - 4pm
Evening Session
4pm - 9pm
Full Day
8am - 4pm
Break Away Sessions
per break away
Use of moveable stage
Equipment (chairs, table and sound)
Data Projector
Afterhours Surcharge - Weekdays
per hour
Afterhours Surcharge - Weekends and Public Holidays
per hour
Car Guards
per guard

Venue Information:

The Auditorium

Seats 101 people.
Chairs can be added to max 130.

The Exhibition Wing

Seats 120 people.

Large Dutch Wing

Ideal for groups of up to 30 people.

Small Dutch Wing

Ideal for groups of up to 20 people.

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