Museum Day 2023

International Museum Day 2023

William Humphreys Art Gallery, Permanent Collection

International Museum Day 2023

Published On: May 18, 2023

Thank you to the Kimberley Islamic School for visiting the WHAG on International Museums Day 2023

Museums are key contributors to the wellbeing and to the sustainable development of our communities. As trusted institutions and important threads in our shared social fabric, they are uniquely placed to create a cascading effect to foster positive change. There are many ways in which museums can contribute to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: from supporting climate action and fostering inclusivity, to tackling social isolation and improving mental health.

Special vote of thanks to: Grade R Educator: Mrs Nancy Feris, Grade O Educator: Mrs Liesel Ortell and WHAG Museum Attendants

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Event Information:

From: 2023-05-18
Until: 2023-05-18