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Athenaeum Collection

The first organisation founded in Kimberley with the promotion of cultural activity as its objective was the Kimberley Athenaeum which was established in 1903 under the presidency of the Mayor. Although the society which operated with fluctuating success until 1911 after which it proceeded to grow from strength to strength, embraced amongst others debating, music and dramatic societies, no provision was made for those members of the community interested in fine art. It was not until 1914 that William Timlin initiated the establishment of an Art Section. Despite the setback which the Athenaeum in general suffered as a result of the outbreak of the First World War, the Art Section continued to arrange art exhibitions and for the duration of the War raised funds for war purposes. The effect of the war and the ‘flu’ epidemic of 1918 on the Athenaeum was devastating and to its credit only the Art Section survived but with severely diminished membership. It was then resolved that the Art Section should in future devote its efforts to acquiring South African works of art with a view to forming a nucleus of an art gallery and that these works of art ultimately be handed to the citizens of Kimberley in memory of those members of the Athenaeum who had lost their lives in the war. This collection was duly handed to the Kimberley City Council to hold in trust for the citizens of Kimberley in 1942. Later the Athenaeum Collection was to be given a permanent home in the William Humphreys Art Gallery when it was opened in December 1952.

Roofs and Gardens

Lock, Freida (1902 - 1962)


Pierneef, Jacob (1886 - 1957)

Gate at Stellenberg, Cape town

Trotter, Alys (1863 - 1961)


Morgan, Cary