WHAG Outreach Project
Due to the vast size of the Northern Cape province, the WHAG started the outreach project in 2003, taking the art to the people. Communities from rural areas and small towns seldom get a chance to visit bigger cities, let alone art galleries. The museum staff takes an exhibition of original South African graphics from the WHAG permanent collection and MTN Collection to schools in deprived rural areas of the Northern Cape once a school quarter. The exhibition is arranged around a theme from the school arts and culture curriculum and worksheets are devised for learners to actively participate in the exhibition. The staff and exhibition remain at the school for a week in order to include as many learners as possible in the activities. Practical arts and craft sessions are usually included in the event. 
Dependant on the needs and facilities available, a more practical programme is devised which involves art and craft projects. In recent times WHAG presented recycling craft projects so that children can find ready materials at no cost in their environment. During these outreach events the WHAG Project Leaders are engaged with the teachers in these far-flung places that need assistance with the art and culture curricula at schools and in the community. The teachers are not always equipped to deal with art and craft instruction and this outreach action attempts to contribute to their empowerment as teachers for the benefit of the learners.  
Service delivery in the isolated towns of the Northern Cape is expensive and logistically difficult to achieve.  
Keadumela – Early Childhood Development  
The pre-school children from the desperately poor settlements in and around Kimberley are at a huge disadvantage when they begin their formal school careers.  
The project aims to equip them for a successful school career by stimulating their skills development through art and craft related activities and educational worksheets. This project has been running very successfully since 2000 and will continue for as long as the need exists. 
This project attempts to lessen the disadvantage these children from poorer communities suffer in comparison to the children from affluent suburbs and also attempts to guide the care givers at the day care centres on how to involve the children in constructive educational activities. In some instances, the Community Projects Leader actually helps the care givers to plan the week’s activities for the children until the following week’s visit to the gallery. 
This project also ingrains the notion of a museum as a fun place to visit from a very early age and in this way contributes to museum audience development. 

WHAG Prison Project
This prison project has proven to be very successful and will continue for as long as it remains relevant. It is significant to note that one of the most encouraging spin-offs of the project has been the rebuilding of self-esteem and human dignity of the offenders which reinforces the notion that this project can contribute to moral regeneration and therefore successful rehabilitation of the offenders into society once they have served their sentences. The Project Leader visits the group in the Kimberley prison once a week, where they do different arts and craft projects. WHAG also supply the materials.
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