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The William Humphreys Art Gallery is the only national museum in the Northern Cape. The executive authority is the National Department of Arts and Culture. The Minister of Arts & Culture appoints the Gallery Council which is the Accounting Authority.


The William Humphreys Art Gallery provides for
 the aesthetic and cultural needs of the local community
it serves as well as of the people of South Africa.
To this end it collects, preserves, documents,
researches and exhibits works of art which represent
the artistic heritage of all South Africans and utilises
its assets for the edification, enrichment and enjoyment
of the people. This it does by pursuing the highest standards of excellence and without regard to race, class, creed or gender.



In terms of the Public Finance Management Act the Council of the William Huphreys Art Gallery is the Accounting Authority.

Mr D Robbins Chairperson
Judge C Williams  
Dr P Davison
Mr E Chonco
Mr E Neluvhalani
Prof E Marais
Mrs M Bossenger De Beers Representative
Mrs V Bruce Friends of the WHAG Representative
Mrs A F Pretorius Director


The Staff:
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Staff members

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