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The Presidency of South Africa has declared the Coronavirus (COVID-19) a national state of disaster in terms of the Disaster Management Act. The William Humphreys Art Gallery supports the Presidential decree and shares the concern of every citizen.

The gallery will operate under strict health protocols as per regulations set out by DSAC.
Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus (COVID 19) 
No Entry Without Face Mask

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To follow our 100 days social media campaign to raise awarenesss about gender-based violence
The Presidency and The Department of Sport, Arts & Culture in partnership with WHAG – William Humphreys Art Gallery are recruiting young people involved in creative arts sector, to apply for the Public Arts programme for a period of two (2) months. Young people from the fields of public administration, public relations, social media & project management are also encouraged to apply. The programme seeks to popularize national symbols to create national pride about these transformative elements through a dedicated Public Arts programme. The Programme consists of art murals, performance public art, multimedia expressions. The Programme will also raise awareness on social ills such as Gender Based Violence and on prevention of COVID-19 pandemic. The beautification of community spaces will be done through this Programme, to instil community pride and create a sense of place. These beautified spaces can become sites of attraction for local tourism, contribute to the development of creative cities, towns and places of interest, at locales spanning both rural and urban areas. It is anticipated that the Public Arts will provide skills transfer and employment for visual artists, performing arts and the Programme Support services. The programme will make young people to be active participants in community development and nation-building initiatives of government. The successful applicants will be required to fulfil the following functions, while participating in the programme:
The William Humphreys Art Gallery is disbursing funds through three streams:  
  • The first stream focusses on implementing Public Arts activities, in communities through commissioning of public Art work stream – Creation (The of artworks and performance).  
  • The second stream focusses on implementing knowledge and research supporting work stream. 
  • The third stream focusses on implementing Project Management and Auxiliary work stream.
NB: Young people, people living with disabilities and candidates residing in Northern Cape are encouraged to apply
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To follow our 100 days social media campaign to raise awarenesss about gender-based violence
William Timlin (1892-1943) Mater Works Online Exhibition
Women at WHAG