News & Upcoming  Events:
The Presidency of South Africa has declared the Coronavirus (COVID-19) a national state of disaster in terms of the Disaster Management Act. The William Humphreys Art Gallery supports the Presidential decree and shares the concern of every citizen. 
Due to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC the William Humphreys Art Gallery will be Temporarily Closed.  


WHAG in consultation with Council is taking measures to ensure the safety of all staff and visitors from possible infection of the Corona virus. 

WHAG actions will be based on the specific stage of infection within the city of Kimberley, the broader South Africa and on the announcements of President Ramaphosa on an ongoing basis. This measured will be applied consistently in the workplace, during the lock down period and beyond. 
Guidelines have been developed based on the severity of the infection rate that would dictate the required actions of WHAG staff to prevent infection and to ensure safety and that staff adheres to measures to limit risk to staff, suppliers and the public in contracting the virus. 
The below measures have been identified and efforts are currently being made to ensure that all actions are implemented. 
  • PHASE 1: Phase one measure is defined by the absence of the virus in the country. 
  • PHASE 2: Phase two is defined by the presence of COVID19 in South Africa, but no confirmed cases in a 400 kms radius of the WHAG. 
  • PHASE 3: Phase three is defined by the presence of COVID19 infections in the community where the WHAG is situated. 
  • PHASE 4: Phase four is defined by staff member infection and exposure to the COVID 19 virus. 

Whag Women Prison Project
Celebrating Womxn 
This August the WHAG celebrates the a selection of female artists from our permanent collection. This showcase pays tribute to the contribution that womxn has made to our visual heritage by offering their perspective, perseverance and insight into the times we live in.  

MYOPIA  Virtual Exhibition
Upcoming events at the WHAG:
  • In partnership with SPU, WHAG will be hosting an international exhibition and a public mural project in the city of Kimberley as part of the Writers Festival.  
  • Throughout the year WHAG will be having film screenings.   
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  • Due to the COVID-19  Pandemic, The Northern Cape Artists Exhibition Entries will be Temporarily Suspended for the year 2020. The competition will be reinstated in 2021, be on the lookout for more information next year.