Counter Culture Virtual Symposium
The symposium will focus on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and the inherent contributions that can be made by the arts in combating GBV. The proceedings will focus on artists and practitioners who work within the GBV arena, covering topics ranging from normalized violence against womxn, intersectional complications, and art as advocacy. The Symposium will conclude with an Arts and Health Strategy Planning session that will focus the attention of practitioners on developing a uniquely Southern African strategy to address the ethics of engaging with GBV and the intricacies of Duty of Care when working with or advocating for GBV.
Symposium Objectives:
  • Focus on the practice of speakers whose work address and expanding awareness of GBV  
  • Document the magnitude of the problem of GBV in our communities and the demonstrated role the arts have in addressing it as community advocates 
  • Address societal complacency, silence and normalised violence and comorbid and intersectional complications fueling the problem of GBV in South Africa 
  • Sensitising virtual delegates on aspects of engaging complex issues within complex communities, focusing on amongst other ethics, trauma, duty of care, culture and protective behavior. 
  • Workshop strategies for engaging with GBV and the empowerment of womxn in South Africa against violence, with specific focus on strategies for the visual arts to grow advocacy  

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